The Tea Bowl Company promotes and sells Gary Wood Tea Bowls online.

These are available in sets of two, four and six and delivered free of charge anywhere in the UK.

The sets of 4 and 6 come with a transparent acrylic display case. The Tea Bowls are also available through selected independent cafes, coffee shops and delicatessens throughout the UK.

Cafes who stock these pots offer their customers the opportunity to sample their tea or coffee from a tea bowl of their choice – a unique sensory experience.

Gary has been making and selling his tea bowls for thirty years to discerning satisfied customers all over the world.

He has developed his own distinctive signature style, both in the design of the form and the rich depth of surface quality, texture and beautiful colour.

These pots are not simply vessels from which to drink, but offer so much more as contemplative, tactile companions to include and enjoy in your home.